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The Problem

Providing video-level content transparency is table stakes for winning video budgets. Yesterday's context tools weren't built for today's streaming world. Traditional contextual analysis only reads page-level text and imagery, providing no insight into the context of a video. In CTV, where there is no page to read, the only available signal provided is at the app-level.


The Solution

We connect audiences with the content they love and brands with those audiences by enabling you to harness the power of video-level context. Maximize the value of your content by putting every video where it belongs: in context.

“Working with IRIS.TV guarantees and reinforces the virtues of Crackle’s brand-safe environments, allowing our advertisers to seamlessly buy our inventory using third-party verified contextual and brand safety data, all of which will now be enabled through the IRIS.TV."

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Tim Ware | Executive Director of Programmatic at Crackle Plus
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