The World’s Leading
Video Recommendation Engine

Web and mobile video recommendations,
built for any technology stack.
All to keep your audience watching more videos, longer.

Increase Engagement

While your audience is watching, we’re learning, queuing up the perfect next video behind the scenes based on user behavior.

Content Similarity
Editorial Rules
Business Rules
Viewer Location
Viewing Time
IRIS.TV updates the video stream based on viewer behavior.

From there, we create highly personalized streams of video content that keep your audience engaged and watching more videos, longer.
We call it Adaptive Stream™.

How It Works

  • Powered by Adaptive StreamTM, IRIS.TV integrates with video players and streamlines business and delivery processes in a way that does not exist today.
  • Personalizing experiences for audiences while enforcing editorial and business rules for publishers
  • Improving content discovery in a manner that facilitates audience growth and interaction
  • Re-inventing the way users consume video
Before IRIS.TV

User has to navigate back to menu or app to search for more content

After IRIS.TV Integration

Video publishers are able to engage users for longer and serve more ads

Viewers experience a continuous stream of personalized videos

Serve More Ads

It's simple.
Increased Engagement and Views = More Ad Inventory and Higher Revenues.
IRIS.TV can be used independently or to supplement
existing audience development strategies.

Adaptive Stream™ Results

Average Video Views Per User (VV)
Average View Time
User Engagement

In a 12 month study encompassing 50 million video views, IRIS.TV increased video views per viewer by an average of 47% for a video publisher. IRIS.TV increased video plays from an average of 5.59 to 8.23 per user.

The results were immediate. The day after IRIS.TV’s Adaptive Stream™ was implemented views increased.

Over 50% of those viewers interacted with the player to personalize the viewing experience.

Business Rules

The IRIS.TV Business Rules Engine enables you to programmatically control the viewing experience of your audience in real-time.

Whether it is maximizing ad impressions, video views, engagement, or something specific to your programming strategy, IRIS.TV is configurable to meet your business goals and deliver the right video to the right viewer.

Seamless Integration

With a video player and CMS agnostic system, Adaptive Stream™ has a simple two step integration process with your current infrastructure for delivering video to every device.
Two Step Integration

Import IRIS.TV template into your video player CMS

Export your video metadata to IRIS.TV via an RSS, XML, or JSON feed


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